Honeywood views its livestock not just as a marketable commodity, but as an essential part of the permaculture system. By using lightweight portable fencing and pens we are able to control precisely where, what and for how long we want our animals to eat. This allows us to provide a constant supply of fresh forages for our animals while they gently massage, manure and maintain the forests and fields. It's a truly perfect symbiotic relationship. We favor raising heritage breed animals for their heartiness and ability to thrive on natural forages. We never use antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or feed that contains genetically modified ingredients.


Honeywood Farms is now offering whole and half pigs for sale!

Our pasture-raised heritage breed pigs (Tamworth, Big Black, Yorkshire) love to graze our lush grass pastures and forested paddocks, foraging while receiving supplemental garden scraps & organic feed. Pork from pigs that consume a substantial amount of green grass is higher in CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA is a nutritionally beneficial fatty acid. Grass-fed meats are also higher in omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene, and vitamin E.

Organic pastured pork is noticeably more flavorful and substantially more nutritional than purely supermarket & grain fed pork. Those pigs come from horrible confinement operations and have no access to the outdoors while being given antibiotics and growth hormones. At Honeywood our pigs are raised humanely and with great tender loving care. Our varieties of grasses, clovers, and various plants give the pork flavor complexity and depth. The constant exercise that foraging requires contributes to the quality of the meat as well, producing a gourmet quality pork that is tender and juicy with rich flavor.

Whole Pig Deposit: $400
Half Pig Deposit $250

Final Price: $5 per pound for whole pig and $5.50 per pound for half pig based on "hanging weight" (this is the weight of the pig after slaughter but before butchering process). Honeywood covers the cost for the kill and process fee and the customer is responsible for the cost to butcher into meat cuts based on your preference ( .45 $/Lb). The average whole pig hanging weight is 230 lbs. based on a 300-320 lb. live weight pig, coming out to an approximate total cost of $1150.00 for a whole pig and $630 for a half pig.

The advantage of buying a whole pig is that you save approx. 25-30% compared with buying all cuts separately. You can expect approximately 160-180 Lbs of pork meat in your freezer or take the entire pig for your own BBQ roast. Our manager Chasity can help answer any questions you have about filling out an order sheet for preferred cuts from the processor by emailing or call (470) 219-1515.


Broilers (Meat Chickens)
Our heritage birds are kept in lightweight portable pens that are moved onto fresh grasses daily. Their diet is supplemented with an organic broiler feed. We process these birds between 9-10 weeks which produces a 4-6 lb chicken.

Layers (Egg Chickens)
Our laying hens are a mix of Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks. Both lay a medium large brown egg and are prolific layers, The hens roost in a mobile hen house that we move once a week to new fresh pasture. The varied diet of different grasses and insects produce a beautiful yellow-orange yolk that is packed with healthy omega 3's and high levels of conjugated lanoleic acid (CLA). These eggs are far superior than the store bought variety that come from confinement facilities.


Honeywood beef is raised on open sunny pastures from birth to slaughter. We rotate our cattle intensively to ensure fresh forages with maximum nutritional value while also allowing the pastures adequate time to rest and recover from grazing pressure.