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Welcome to Honeywood Farms on-site market store. We strive to keep our store stocked with organically grown vegetables and fruits from our own market garden, Honeywood signature, heritage pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised beef, farm fresh free range eggs, prepared meals and dishes from our own commercial kitchen, and other products from local vendors such as cheeses, butters, honey, jams, coffee, oils, salsas & sauces, and other value added, high quality local products.

Chef Darlene’s famous prepared, southern-style homemade dishes from the Honeywood kitchen include casseroles, soups & broths from scratch, stews, chili, quiches, pot pies, gluten-free products, and various desserts. We strive to use as many of Honeywood’s own produce and meats as possible to be the star ingredients in Darlene’s signature dishes. Explore the convenience of Honeywood Farms ready-to-go meals without sacrificing quality and nutrition.

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