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Introducing FarmEd, a division of Honeywood Farms. 


The primary mission of our new, family-oriented community education center at Honeywood Farms will be to strengthen mutual relationships with the local community by providing a safe and vibrant environment for children (and adults) to learn about the importance of biodiverse agriculture, nutritious food, and healthy outdoor play and exercise.  Our staff is working to provide a variety of educational and organized play & fitness-oriented programs that will be customized for specific age groups. Children will have the opportunity to rediscover the positive learning experiences provided by the natural settings of our farm. Join us to learn about farming, raising livestock, growing nutritious food, or just getting together to interact with Mother Nature and reconnect with friends on the playground. At Honeywood we feel that especitally in today's world of distancing restrictions on children and an excessive increase in computer screen time, a void has been created, and it is vital- more now than ever- to promote the essential benefits of exercise and fresh air as a memorable childhood experience. Children need to run, to play, and to socialize with their peers.  Our on site cafe, farm store, and dining pavilion offer a place for parents to relax and enjoy a bite to eat or a beverage while the kids burn off some steam. 


Camp Director ~ Peter Mitchell

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